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Kids Meal Plan - Week 1

January 06, 2023 1 min read

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    Tomato Sauce

    A fruity tomato sauce can be made and kept frozen until whenever you need it.

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    Spaghetti Meatballs

    An Italian-American dish consisting of spaghetti, tomato sauce and meatballs.

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    Margarita Pizza

    Stretchy mozzarella cheese, tangy tomatoes, and peppery oregano are all piled on a chewy charred crust.

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    Shopping trolley Your Shopping List:

    3 onions
    3 cloves garlic
    1.7oz/50g carrot
    1.7oz/50g celery
    1 red chili pepper
    5.3oz/150g stock
    7 tbsp Olive oil
    1.5 tbsp brown sugar
    3.5oz/100g Pecorino
    1 tsp medium-hot paprika powder/or cayenne powder
    1 tsp dried sage
    1 tsp oregano
    61oz/1750g canned tomatoes
    3 tbsp tomato puree
    10oz/300g minced beef
    1 egg
    2 tbsp breadcrumbs
    3.5oz/100g frozen peas
    10.5oz/300g spaghetti
    2 tsp fresh yeast
    8.8oz/250g all purpose flour
    3.5oz/100g mozzarella

    Electric light bulb Tips and advice on substitutes / alterations:

    You can substitute the mince lamb for beef, if you need extra beef.

    You can swap cayenne powder for medium - hot paprika powder.

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