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Cook along
with Chef Joel

Join a free, fun-filled interactive live class with Chef Joel Gamoran - one of the known public figures and the award-winning founder and Head Chef at Homemade!

Don’t have a Multo? No problem. Just use the tools you already have!

Multo’s built-in scale and multifunction food processing & cooking unit make cooking more accessible and fun for everyone!

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Shopping list and setup tips provided in advance.

Cook along with world-class chefs - FOR FREE!

Fully interactive - ask questions during the event

Stuck for dinner ideas? Tired of takeaway? Join our award-winning Chef Joel for a culinary adventure.

Improve your skills

Let our kitchen experts share their expertise and give you tips on how to cook better right at home.

Seeing is believing

Learn more about how Multo can improve your cooking journey, from planning to plating.

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Streaming now, learn to cook with Multo vs traditionally 

Prawn Linguini

Pistachio and Mint Stuffed Chicken

Vegan Pasta Alfredo

Get more delicious dishes

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I don’t have Multo, can I still join the class?

Each class will have two chefs cooking along the same recipes one using Multo and another cooking conventionally.

How should I prepare for class?

Before each class, be sure to review the ingredient list and recipe for any prep work. For the best experience, prep your ingredients ahead of time and pre-measure whenever possible! 

Should I plan for my camera to be on during the LIVE class?

Yes! We’d love to cook along with you, on camera! Please know you do not need to turn on your camera and we are thrilled if you simply show up to watch!

I am a terrible cook. Is cooking class still for me?

Absolutely, we welcome all skill levels! We love teaching newbies about kitchen basics and guiding principles for a lifetime of cooking.

I have specific dietary needs. Will this class work for me?

Definitely! We are here to support you. Feel free to bring your specific questions to each class and the CookingPal culinary team will do their best to make sure you have the best result possible!

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Stop wondering where you went wrong - book an exclusive 15-minute chat with our culinary team today!

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